About Department


To create high quality professionals with sound technical knowledge and high levels of research competency in area of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.




Create next generation engineers in the industry sector by imparting core values in the technical domain.

Programme Educational Objectives


1. To provide knowledge to formulate & solve problems, at the interface of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.

2. To inculcate proficiency in the use of Engineering design tools in measurement, implementation & control.

3. To adapt different roles & demonstrate leadership in global working environment by respecting diversity, professionalism & ethical practices.



Program Outcomes

1. To apply knowledge of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.

2. To identify, formulate & solve engineering problems.

3. To design a variety of electronics and/or computer based component & system for application.

4. Graduates will design, conduct Experiments and interpret data.

5. Usage of modern engineering tools, software & equipments to analyze problems.

6. An ability to appreciate socio-cultural responsibility.

7. Graduate will show the understanding of impact of engineering solution on environment & also will be aware of sustainable development & environment science.

8. The graduates will have the ability to understand professional & ethical responsibility.

9. Graduates will be able to function effectively and contribute as a part of Technical team.

10. Graduates will be able to communicate effectively to get problem solved.

11. Graduate will have an ability to ensure that the key issues of cost, time, quality, project requirement & managing project objectives.


12. Graduate will develop confidence for self education & have ability to commit for life long learning .

  • Department has well equipped laboratories including hardware and software meeting the latest curriculum of RGPV, Bhopal.
  • Modern devices and gadgets including spectrum analyzers, DSOs, PLCs, Analytical Instruments, Biomedical Instruments, Mechatronic etc. make the institute a leader in the vicinity of Indore.
  • We also have a separate computer centre and simulation lab equipped with over 30 computers having latest configurations. Software tools including Microsim (design lab), EMU8086, Keil51, Tango, PSim, Matlab, TinaPro, Tina Lab II, Tanner, Xilnix support the labs in simulation and layout design of hardware. 
  • The Embedded systems laboratories & project labs are specific feature of our department for ME/M.Tech.
  • Recently we are organized BASIC ELECTRONICS seminar in dept. for the welfare and knowledge up gradation of students

Department offer following courses





B.E (bachelor of engineering)



M.E  (Masters Degree in embedded systems and VLSI in collaboration with EC Dept)




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Warehousing & Mining/Research Methodology.


Workshop on How to develop good S/W Applications/Unix OS from basics to system administration/Data Warehousing & Mining/Research Methodology.


Seminar on Digital Instrumentation.


Expected Lectures by CE Department.


Invited Lectures by Mr. A.K. Upadhyay & Mr. V.K. Jain on Trends in Textile Industry.


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