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We are in the post modern era where science and technology are the corner stones on which the edifice of society rests. The advances in Instrumentation have put us on the super highway and the nations which are slow to change are bound to lag behind in progress and prosperity. We are lucky to be counted among the successful people in the polity of nations which have made headway in Instrumentation. Education as a key to this change in the post globalization era can become effective only if it is wedded to the technological advances. Internet is one such dimension of knowledge and information. Preparing institutions of high education to meet the new challenges brought on by globalization should be the prime concern.

I hope our humble effort will go a long way in putting the college at information super highway for making the institution a real instrument of socio-economic change while improving the quality of education through technology. It is for the faculty and students to put this site to better use and achieve the desired results. 

 Prof. Namit Gupta


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