Goals of Department

Long term Goals

  • To establish research and development programme of repute so as to encourage active participation with industry by staff and students to take on practical problems of industry and to provide feasible solutions.
  • To re-establish the existing laboratories so as to enable the students and faculty to study the latest technologies and to enhance the circle of their knowledge.
  • To establish a center for dissemination of technical knowledge to Industry/Rural areas by taking up projects in appropriate technology.

Short term Goals

  • To promote the use of computer based resources in teaching and training.
  • To organize faculty orientation programmes by arranging technical talks, conducting workshops, seminars involving experts in the respective fields.
  • To organize programmes aimed at all-round development of students by conducting intercollegiate programmes on technical and cultural activity.
  • To recruit well-qualified and experienced faculty to enhance the quality of teaching.
  • Setting up of well-equipped laboratories


  • Various training and workshop program organized by the department in collaboration with different well known industries to enhance the analytical and problem solving ability, of the faculty and students.
  • Department is providing well-equipped facilities in laboratories with advance technologies, like : 1. New established Project Lab. 2. New Mechatronics and Bio-Medical lab. 3. Well equipped Instrumentation & Measurement and Process control Lab.
  • Department is providing a separate computer centre and simulation lab equipped with over 30 computers.
  • Recruiting well-qualified and experienced faculty to enhance the quality of teaching as per the AICTE norms.

Strength of the Department

Well-qualified faculty and trained supporting staff

  • In our department, we have highly qualified faculty members from the field of electronics, communication and control instrumentation. All the staff members are highly trained and have a very good teaching experience, with the interest of research in the field of instrumentation.

 Well-equipped laboratories

  • Process Control & Analytical Instrumentation Lab
  • Digital Control systems & Mechatronics Lab 
  • Industrial Electronics and Analog Electronics Lab 
  • Microprocessors and Micro controllers Lab 
  • Digital Electronics and Project Lab 
  • Instrumentation and Measurement Lab 
  • Transducers and Bio Medical Instrumentation Lab

Well-defined mechanism for evaluation of student performance in theory and laboratories

  • Student resource data bank.
  • Log book system for evaluation of laboratory work.
  • Well defined criterions for evaluation of theory performance through regular test. 
  • Strict vigilance of attendance and regular notification regarding lack of attendance.

Encouragement to students and staff towards research and practical exposure

  • Well-equipped project laboratory for minor and major project work.
  • Regular identification of training needs of the students and faculty. 
  • Constant encouragement to the students and faculty for attending in house as well as outside, various training programs. 
  • Good achievement by the students in last three years, in terms of academic result as well as practical projects.

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